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Forest Path
Forest Path

Born and raised in Santa Monica CA, Marissa DiSimone went on to study dance, psychology and education at UC Irvine. No matter where her life has taken her, she always returned to her love of children. Before becoming a mom, she worked with young girls through goal setting, yoga and collaborating on epic events. Writing is where Marissa has found her magic, but she doubted her ability to actually write a book. Then she remembered what the girls she worked with taught her-when we believe in ourselves, we can truly do anything and one week before having her second daughter, she published her first book. 

Forest Path

Book Synopsis:

Surviving middle school is hard enough for Ezmerelda Huffington, but when she starts hearing things that no one else can, she's certain she'll be perceived as even more of an outsider. Ez has been so focused on trying to avoid the M Group, keeping up with her never ending after-school activities, and not fitting in with her own family - she's not sure she can handle one more thing.

Ez soon discovers that the women in her family each possess a magical power and she is on the verge of discovering her own! As she gets the hang go her new power, she begins to distinguish between what's real and what's not and wonders if standing out might be even better than fitting in?

Forest Path

Book Reviews

"This book is so so good! As a middle school English teacher, I totally recommend this book about discovering yourself and not worrying about what others think! Masked in an adorable and compelling story about a teenager finding her magical powers, the underlying theme of the book is loving oneself and finding confidence within. Whether you’re popular or struggling to make friends, whether you’re a teenager or a new mom, we are all just trying to be accepted and loved. It’s the perfect book for teaching young girls about being authentic!"

- Jackie Kirkpatrick, Middle School English Teacher

"Ezmerelda and the Discovery of her Magic by Marissa DiSimone is a very entertaining book and it also has a good moral to it. The characters are very relatable and there are a lot of real-life situations that you could be in. For example, being teased at school, waiting for a parent to pick you up, having sleepovers, or spending a day with friends. I also like how when the character gets her power, she isn't shipped off to some other world and start almost dying and saving the world, no, she stays where she is. I hope you read it, trust me, it’s worth it!"

-K, Lee, Age 11

"Ezmerelda and the Discovery of Her Magic is a great book! I really love the attention to detail and the building plot. I also like the theme of magic in the real world. The story is funny and interesting. As a 12 year old, I found the book relatable. I could not put the book down! On a physical note, it's only a couple of hundred pages long so not a super heavy read. The book is definitely memorable and I know that any girl my age would love it!"

- Leah Gray, Age 12

"My 11 year old absolutely loved this book and couldn't put it down, she finished it in a day and half! She really enjoyed the personalities of the characters and all the twist and turns of the plot. It was a super fun and enjoyable read for her and she was talking about it for days after reading."

- Marie Feldman, Mom

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