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Forest Path

Marissa The 


Sometimes we need a sign that our loved one is still around us, or that we are on the right path. Marissa's gifts not only allow you to connect with those you miss most but can shed light on dark moments in your life through spirit guidance or even glimpses into your past lives. See below to see how these beautiful sessions have impacted others.


Forest Path


When my husband passed away unexpectedly I had not shared details however someone sent an email to our community spreading the news vaguely. Miraculously, my husband's soul had contacted Marissa and it all made sense once she received the email that he had passed on... She knew what happened to him without hearing any details and I was given the greatest blessing I could ever ask for and that was a little closure and that he loved us and was with us. I cannot imagine where I would be mentally right now had he not gone to her to shed a little light and send us words of love and encouragement. Details that I received were very specific and made all the sense in the world to me including names at times of people he was referring to. Marissa has a true gift that I am so glad she has decided to share with others. I highly encourage you to trust in her, she is incredible.
- Kerri

Marissa is the real deal. She opened a space for loved ones to come through and what she communicated to me was so spot-on both in terms of details about my relatives and friend and words of wisdom and love they imparted. My jaw hung open as she asked about an unusual name that came through and was this a name I used- it was what I called my grandmother. The messages she relayed were so filled with love and support and encouragement and wisdom. Some of the images of what my ancestors and one friend I lost are up to in their other realm will be with my forever. It was a joyful, beautiful, powerful experience. Her gift is a blessing.

- Melanie

I can not say enough about Marissa. She is incredibly kind and makes you feel comfortable right off the bat. I had such a positive experience with her that I will cherish forever. She was able to offer me the insight I needed in my grieving process and shared information with me I never would have imagined anyone would understand or know. She connected with several family members relayed personal information that was completely on target and accurate. It was an emotional journey to say the least, but one that I needed. I’m amazed by Marissa and recommend her to anyone searching for peace.

- Rebecca

Both my husband and my mom have passed—my husband when we were only 30–and they both left behind huge holes in my heart. It was such a gift to be reassured that they are both with me and also that their love has never faded. I can only imagine how many lives Marissa will touch and transform for the better with her gift and gentle way of connecting with energy and souls from the other side. I can’t wait for my next session with her. 

- Susan 

My session with Marissa was moving and brilliant. I felt my parents love and warmth all around me. It helped me get closure from the circumstances of their deaths and feel supported and even guided on my path.


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